Phone Case DIY 2

Phone Case Diy is a DIY phone case design game. Nowadays, everyone is inseparable from their mobile phones. In order to reflect their own personality, everyone installs various mobile phone cases on their mobile phones. If you could make your own phone case, what would you design it to look like? Now we have a selection of beautiful colors, stickers and phone case mockups for you. We also offer you 3 different production processes. Choose Stencil Art, you can spray many beautiful patterns on your phone case. No matter what color you spray on your phone case and what kind of production process you choose, it will always turn out beautiful. Give it a try!

What are the Key Features of this game?

  • 50+ clear paints, glitter paints, matte paints...
  • spray paints are free for you to use!
  • Choose your favorite cartoon stickers to decorate your phone case!
  • Cleaning, coloring, pop it games... a variety of different game modes so you won't be bored!
  • Show your personality and hobbies on your phone case!
  • Ultra-realistic 3D models, you feel like designing a real phone case!

What should you do

  • Enjoy the most interesting DIY games.
  • Enjoy the fun of DIY
  • Unleash your creative mind and splash some color on this phone!
  • Make the most of your creativity.
  • Make it glow! Make it bling!

How to play This Fun Games

  • On Desktop 🖥= Mouse click and drag to play
  • On Mobile 📱 = Tap and slide to play