Diy Joystick

Many people need you to help them design a good-looking joystick. Go ahead, pick up the sprayer,   and create your masterpiece. You can design the joystick according to the style of your customers. You can also design the joystick according to your own ideas. Create your favorite graphics on custom joysticks using stencils, paints, colors, and stickers. And not only that! You can also enjoy cool crafts for all kinds of game controllers and accessories, such as PS4 controllers, gamepads, consoles, guns, Atari consoles, headsets, VR kits, Nintendo Switch, and more... Let your imagination run wild! What DIY joystick would you make for a console game? Let us wait and see!

Discover a whole new world of fun

We design this game to let you play as a Joystick maker. The game can make all kinds of game handles, game peripherals, headphones, VR sets, and even the appearance of game consoles with personalized features by means of stenciling, hydro dipping, stickers, marble, etc. Let's show your artistic cells and create wonderful works! 

Features of the game

  • cool craft work for all of the game controllers
  • ps4 controller, gamepad, consola, gun, atari, headphones, VR sets, nintendo switch...
  • gamepad with spray paint, stencil art, cool stickers and marble dipping
  • Various fashion styles for you to choose!

How to play This Fun Games

  • On Desktop 🖥= Mouse click and drag to play
  • On Mobile 📱 = Tap and slide to play