Baby Panda Color Mixing Studio

The baby panda has a delicious lollipop, but a mouse thief always wants to steal the lollipop. Please help baby panda! Mix the paint and apply it to the baby panda. If you can mix the color into the color of the wall, the baby panda will not be found. Come join us and protect baby panda and her lollipop!

Sparking kids' creativity and imagination

The rich content of color mixing will develop kids' creativity and learning ability. Parents can bring your kids here for the fun of color mixing!

What should you do

  • Enjoy the most interesting educational games.
  • Enjoy the fun of coloring
  • Get to know all kinds of colors including red, yellow, blue, green, black...
  • Mix and create beautiful colors. Make the most of your creativity.
  • Enriched your imagination paints and magic potions.

How to play This Fun Games

  • On Desktop 🖥= Mouse click and drag to play
  • On Mobile 📱 = Tap and slide to play