Coloring Book: Doughnuts

Welcome to the delightful world of Doughnut Color Quest, a game that combines the mouthwatering sweetness of doughnuts with the creative joy of coloring! Step into a whimsical doughnut wonderland where your artistic talents will be put to the test. But here's the twist - these doughnuts have lost their colors and it's up to you to restore their delicious hues! With every stroke of your brush, the doughnuts will come alive, filling the world with color and joy. So, get ready to embark on a colorful adventure through the delectable universe of Doughnut Color Quest, where your artistic skills and love for doughnuts will collide in the most delicious way possible! Enjoy the game! 

Free Coloring Books for Kids

Painting and drawing are always one of the favorite Educational games for children, they can stimulate their creativity and imagination. We developed this coloring book online game to facilitate parents to exercise their child's drawing talent and color awareness.

Plenty of Coloring Tools to Use

Now there are four kinds of brushes: Solid color brush, Glittering brush, cartoon brush, and realistic brush. In particular, in this game, you can switch the line color of the sketch, which is not available in other coloring games. We also added a lot of attractive cartoon stickers to the coloring column. Join us and have a try!

How to play Coloring Games

Click the left mouse button or tap the screen to paint.

Artwork Download

Click in the game so you can download and save your perfect artwork in time. Name it whatever you want and leave it as your fond memory!